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Rubber Numbering Stamp

Traxx brand rubber numbering stamps with a steel plate frame.

Plastic sturdy ergonomic handle in various sizes  With moveable numbers (by hand)  0-9 on each rubber band plus symbols /-,.

For use with a standard ink pad or with specialist inks.


Traxx Rubber Numbering Stamps

Manufactured comprising a steel plate frame and plastic ergonomic handle in various charachter height and width’s.
They are designed for use with an ink pad and feature moveable numbers (by hand) with 0-9 on each rubber band plus symbols /-,.
First band also has: € No. # $ SYMBOLS, built to last for rugged robust stamping.
The largest 18mm huge numbering stamp has a reinforced wood handle for easier use and ideal for large industrial/processing applications


5mm with 6 Number Bands, 5mm with 10 Number Bands, 7mm with 8 Number Bands, 9mm with 10 Number Bands, 18mm with 8 Number Bands, 18mm with 10 Number Bands

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