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Reiner 990 Jetstamp Electric Stamp

Important:  Sales only to customers based in Ireland.

Mobile ink-jet printer  solution. Ideal for small food producers, pharma, packaging, artisan producers, warehousing, logistics, despatch, engineering, manufacturing and security stamping.

25 storable print solutions plus you can customise your print with your own text, message or layout within two lines.

Ideal for up to 400-500 prints per day. The cartridge gives an excellent yield.

Inks available include, standard, quick drying, quick drying glass, also yellow ink available for stamping on black surfaces.

Robust carrying case also is also available to purchase separately to store and protect your jetstamp.


Important: Due to Brexit issues we can no longer sell these stamps to UK or Europe.  Sales only to customers based in Ireland.

Reiner 990 MP Jetstamp mobile ink-jet printer prints quickly and quietly on all even and uneven surfaces, with a clear sharp inkjet print and with a maximum of two lines of print. Ideal for a professional looking print on your packaging / label products.

Print batch numbers, expiry dates, best before dates, time, date, numbers in various combinations. Use on forms, bundles, documents, envelopes, board, packaging etc. as this machine stamps efficiently on a variety of surfaces such as card, paper, board, coated materials, plastics, laminates, metals, aluminium foils, glass, glossy surfaces etc

This model can be purchased with quick drying ink, suitable for many difficult surfaces including glossy, metallic and plastics.

  • Ideal for small food producers, pharma packaging, food packaging, industrial uses etc. stamping best before/batch dates on materials.
  • Text can be in any combination of text, numbers, dater function, customer specific text, all on a combination of two lines of print.
  • Includes: Electronic handstamp inc. full kit, charging base, usb with PCset software, usb connection, wall charger plug, rechargeable batteries and standard or special quick drying ink cartridge for non porous materials.

The REINER jetStamp® 990 is characterised by rapid speed and particular versitile use thanks to its compact size.

The smallest device from the jetStamp® family permits quick and simple markings on any smooth or irregular surface. Like its bigger siblings, the inkjet printer is characterised by optimal print options: it can be used mobile at the respective workplace once charged, in a factory setting for example, or warehouse, after charging in office.

The integrated LC display shows the set print image easily legible at all times in order to prevent marking errors.

The robust jetStamp® 990 offers perfect flexibility with its memory options. Up to 25 customised texts or special functions can be stored in the device. Five of these slots are filled with pre-set example images at delivery.

Dimensions 8 × 42 cm

Standard Black Ink, Standard Magenta Ink, MP2 (Quick drying) Black Ink, MP4 (Quick drying Glass) Black Ink, MP6 (All materials) Yellow Ink

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