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Coloris Mark II Pad

Timber marking ink pad

Selecting your ink:
200 PR for timber marking ink and R9 version for glossy paper and plastic bags


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The Coloris Mark II Pad is specially filled with ink designed for stamping on timber / wood products. Quick drying and water resistant. Oil based ink, provides a clear non smudge impression on treated and non treated timber.

This unique double sided pad can be used on one side, then as that side gets usage and ink begins to dry, turn the pad over and use second side. The first side of pad gets replenished then and is good to use after second side and so-on. Can be refilled using ink 200PR


  • 200 PR for Timber Marking Ink
  • R9 Version for Glossy Paper & Plastic Bags


  • Excellent drying properties, ink will not smudge. Unique double sided ink pad.
  • When first side begins to dry, simply turn pad over and second side can be used.
  • Original side then begins to refill itself with ink!

PRICE: €45.00

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Dimensions 60 × 100 cm

black, blue, red, green


200pr ink, R9 ink

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